Funded In Mexico (LP)

by White Label





Our First LP...


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released 20 February 2012

All Songs By Matt Holt/Beni Bienz except where noted otherwise

Songs Performed by White Label:
Matt Holt - Vocals, Guitar
Beni Bienz - Vocals, Guitar
Nathaniel Mahoney - Bass
Joe Mccrae - Drums

Recorded in bedrooms and garages - December 2011/February 2012.

Mixed By Matt Holt
Mastered By Matt Downes

With thanks to The Don.

Additional instruments - /Pianos - Matt/ Saxophone - Beni/ Harmonica - Matt/ Trumpet - Matt.




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Track Name: Pedestal
They fight for a perfect likeness
You burn the brightest

Remember when you had it all?
They looked up to your pedestal
But now you're down
You're just part of the background

Track Name: Never Far From Wrong
da da da daaa da da

da da da daaa daa daa

All the while we were caught in the fire
It was never far from wrong
And she said it's just begun
Makes your heart beat fast, until the morning
You give a sigh, cos you're hard to get today
But i just wanna turn you away.

'92. They said its too young for you.

Track Name: The Bigger View
Been living in the depths of your mind,
And its catching up with you.
All of your thoughts, they never see the light of day
Is there a reason you keep it that way?

Try to kick it but its always the same
Well i never saw the sense in trying to change
Just to slip back to old habits again.

The streets alive tonight
When i'm trying to find my way back home
But shadows under moonlit skies
Play tricks with my eyes
To point me in the wrong direction.
Track Name: Siren
There's no reasoning with a forest fire.
Track Name: Blind Spot
Would it cross your mind...blah blah blah...
Track Name: Pedro's Story
For Nathan

Your master plan is forming
You told me once before
But im not sure
That you're moving forward

19, slipping away
On stage not a lot to say
But the cigarette stains
And blood clots remain

You wanna live that Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle
The Doctor said he's not so sure
That Alcohol doesnt do much for ya

Quit your job, and blag another that pays
But the boss don't like it
When you give 'em away, thats all
And now they're coming for ya

Would it be too much for you
To be on your own, for a week or two?
Waking up on the kitchen floor
As another girl slips out the door

Diamond shaped mistakes to go.
Turning up late for the show.
Track Name: Sepia
Ill give you an answer
if you give me the time that i need
You can think what you want
But the signs were always there, to see
And the more you let your thoughts pour out,
The harder it is to keep up.

Do you miss me more than i do,
The longer you stay away?
Another time maybe,
But i've seen stranger sights anyway
And now it seems all else is gone
And the days blur into one,
So maybe i will.

I left you at the back of my mind
With all the things i hope ill never find
And distant memories
I gaze, wide eyed
There's a lot of things that you hide
But by now, i can tell when you lie to me.

Ill give you an answer,
Just give me the time that i need
You want me to choose
I'd rather wait and see
Would you go back if you could?
Yeah sometimes i wish it was 1965
So if you can take me ill go

One day we'll fall out
Its coming i can feel
But while were young, it doesn't seem much
To reinvent the world
And if ill meet all of my fears in 25 years
Well that's still quite a long time from now.
Track Name: It's That I'd Like To Know
The rain trickled down the side of the road
As her thoughts took a darker turn
Will they ever make it with all the time in the world?

Turning all the pages upside down
To see whats left behind
Just meet me at the end of the show,
When i'll feel fine
Track Name: Northern Line
You told me to try and lead a better life
It shouldn't be that hard to do
But if i'm going to face my daemons
I can't avoid the truth
The first thing that i have to face is you.

And somewhere between the silent mornings,
Tired eyes, and the subtle warnings.
I lost my dreams
And i lost my sense of home.

Its not fucking easy to do.